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What is herd instinct?

Instnct is the subconscious and intractable desire to live in company. There some animals who have particularly strong instinct to live in groups [herds].. Man seems to have (MORE)

What are instincts?

a behavior that is passed from parents to offspringInstinct is the intuitive way of acting or thinking of a person oran animal. It is also defined as a typical fixed pattern o (MORE)
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What are a ravens instincts?

raven instincts are that they learn how to fly from there parents and learn how to find food and finally live on there own and find a mate.

What rhymes with instincts?

Near rhymes include: 1) -stinct and -cinct words : precincts, extinct, distinct,succinct 2) -tinks and -inks words : stinks, blinks, brinks, chinks, clinks,drinks, finks, jink (MORE)
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Are koalas instinct?

An animal cannot be instinct. It can have instincts, or it can be extinct . The koala has numerous instincts, which are behaviours which help it survive. For example, (MORE)
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Are bears instinctive?

Bears HAVE instinct much like people have instinct. So take that as a Yes or No. Or if you mean "are bears EXTINCT" then No. Instinct and extinct are not opposites.
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What is a ducklings instinct?

I'm not sure how much of their behavior is instinct because I've read that they must watch other ducks eat before thy know how to.

What is an example of instincts?

Birds building a nest is an instinct, beecause they knew how to do it natuarally from the day they were born. They do not need to learn how because they automaticlly know