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Is diploma in electrical engineering three year correspondence course of c v raman institute of engineering technology hoshangabad m p is approved by aicte?

No. The 3 year EE correspondence degree from C V Raman Institute of Engineering and Technology in Hoshangabad, MP is not approved by the AICTE. A full list of the 9 AICTE appr (MORE)
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How can apply for pulchowk engineering institute?

Just go to PULCHOWK CAMPUS after your Class 12 results are published. You will get entrance application form if you have fulfilled requirements. Then once you give entrance ex (MORE)

What does an electrical engineer do?

electrıcal engıneers work wıth electrıcıty (from genratıon to utılızatıon). electrıcal engıneers desıgn,test and maıntaın electrıcal equıpments from the smalle (MORE)

What do you have to have to be a electrical engineer?

    Electrical engineers typically possess an academic degree with a major in electrical engineering.Bachelor's degree in engineering represents the first step towards (MORE)