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What is instrumental music?

Instrumental music is a musical composition or recording  without lyrics, or singing.   ----------------------------------------------------------   It is music inten (MORE)

What is brasswind instrument?

A Brasswind instrument, or simply brass instrument, is an instrument made of brass that is played by buzzing your lips. Some examples of brass instruments are the trumpet, Fre (MORE)

What is a sahunay instrument?

A sahunay is a type of Filipino pipe. It is bell-shaped and made  from bamboo with a mouthpiece made of reeds and coconut shell. It  has six finger holes. They can be painte (MORE)

What is PLC in instrumentation?

Plc is a programmable logic controller.It has a great role in the instrumentation field.With the use of programming in the plc,we can control and monitor all the equipments or (MORE)
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What is subing instrument?

Subing is a bamboo jaw harp of the Cuyunin people of Palawan islands in western Philippines.

What are secondary instruments?

secondary instruments,as opposed to absolute instruments ,are direct reading type instruments.the value of an electrical quantity can be read directly from the deflection show (MORE)

What is an 'A Instrument'?

An instrument tuned to the key of A. For example: If you play Concert C major, you will actually have to play at E major, to make it sound like C major. Vice versa, if you p (MORE)

Can brass instrument be a percussion instrument?

No, they are two different families of musical instruments. Brass instrument produce sound by the vibration of air though a mouthpiece created by the vibration of the player's (MORE)