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How do you get instrumental?

Here's a short tutorial explaining the process.   DoA
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Why do you have instruments?

We have instruments for many reasons. These include:  To play  As investments (e.g vintage guitars or something)  Maybe to even look at! (there are some really awesome look (MORE)
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Where to get instruments from?

Their are music shops. Everything music can be bought there. Bill's Music and Stu's Music Shops are the best places.
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What is instrumention?

Well, the word is Instrumentation. And as you'll infer that's to do with instruments. With which you are already familiar in the family car. The speedometer, with its associ (MORE)

What is an 'A Instrument'?

An instrument tuned to the key of A. For example: If you play Concert C major, you will actually have to play at E major, to make it sound like C major. Vice versa, if you p (MORE)
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What is an instrumental?

It's a song that's just instruments, no singing. An instrumental is a non-classical piece of music that is played using only instruments, and no words or singers. It is often (MORE)