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Is concrete a better insulator than marble?

Concrete is typically a better insulator - sometimes much better. The thermal conductivity of concrete depends on the type, ranging from as low as 0.1 W/m·K for lightweight c (MORE)

Can a swimming pool be built using insulated concrete forms?

There are a few pictures of pools using insulated concrete forms here:  We've recently built a few poo (MORE)

Why is concrete a good insulator?

  Concrete is not a good insulator. Concrete has a high thermal mass, which means it can store and release a lot of thermal energy (heat). This property is sometimes mista (MORE)

When do you remove a concrete form?

Most of the time it comes off the next day. Some will strip it the same day. I just think that is too soon. Can depend on the mix design of the concrete and what type of cem (MORE)

How do you square concrete form work?

Pick a corner, measure 3 feet on one leg, measure 4 feet on the other leg and it should be 5 feet on the diagonal. That means the form is square. Works for a square or rectang (MORE)
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What's insulated concrete forms?

Insulated concrete forms are a type of foundation for buildings built by arranging concrete blocks in an interlocking pattern and filling the gaps with mortar to help them sti (MORE)
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Is sand a good form of insulation?

NO     Think about the typical sandy desert. During daylight hours, the temperature can be very, very hot.     During the night, the temperature changes are d (MORE)

Where can you find wholesale ARXX insulated concrete forms in New York?

I'm in Upstate New York. I get my ARXX and accessories from Ampersand Enterprises, LLC. They've a stocking warehouse in Albany and GREAT service! I used another company (MORE)

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