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What is insulting the meat?

insulting the meat is a way a society might seek to keep everyone equal. it's the opposite of complimenting of course. insulting the meat serves to keep those who gathered it (MORE)
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What is a insultator?

The only time I ever heard the word "Insultator" was in an episode of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. In this episode, the Insultator is an electronic device a taxi driver ins (MORE)

What do Gypsies do if you insult them?

If you insult Gypsies they will never invite you to their parties again. If you insult Gypsies [ Rom or Romany peoples ] , simply apologize for your ignorance of their cultu (MORE)

What does insulted mean?

it means if some ones being mean to you and they will insult you if you don't like this answer than how about this i say to you your ugly and have horrible hair than i am insu (MORE)

What is the synonym for insult?

abuse, affront, aspersion, black eye, blasphemy, cheap shot, contempt, contumely, derision, despite, discourtesy, disdainfulness, disgrace, disrespect, ignominy, impertinence, (MORE)

What do you do if someone insulting you?

what i would do is just ignore them and show that you don't care.... they are doing it just to make themselves feel better on a problem they are going through because they don (MORE)