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What is the difference between short int and int?

It depends on the programming language, the compiler, and the machine architecture. In C, the size of short int and int is not mandated by the language. Often, on 32-bit ma ( Full Answer )
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What does int stands for?

INT stands for intermittent. The IV is changed to an intermittent set. So IV meds can be given at certain times with no IV fluids running continuously.
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What is int the mediastinum?

It contains the heart , the great vessels of the heart, esophagus , trachea , phrenic nerve, cardiac nerve, thoracic duct, thymus , and lymph nodes of the central chest
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What is the abbrevations for int?

"int" is the abbreviation for an integer data type. In Java an int is specifically a 32-bit signed integer.
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Difference between int and long int?

In Java, an int uses 4 bytes - thus giving a range up to about 2 billion (9-10 digits). A long uses 8 bytes, for a range of up to about 19 digits.\n In Java, an int use ( Full Answer )
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What is parse Int?

parseInt() is a method in the Integer class in Java that is used for parsing string values as numbers. int i = Integer.parseInt("10"); would result in i being assigned a ( Full Answer )
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What is INT NONDR?

It is a distribution of int notary which the check you are getting is probable for your share of a de-mutualization that Principal and a number of other insurers go through ye ( Full Answer )
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What int 21a?

1. syntax error 2. int 21h -- assembly statement in x86 to access a MS-DOS service
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What is java int?

This groups includes byte,short,int and long. Integer data type is used for storing integer values. The size of the int is 32 bit . The range of the int is -2,147,483, ( Full Answer )