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What does intellect at will mean?

Intellect at will means that someone is only smart when they wantto be. This can be applied to anyone.
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Do cats have intellect?

cats have intellect because they have thew choice to do whatever they want. They can choose to sit down. They can do anything they want.
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Why is it good to be intellect?

It is good to be intellect because you can have self achievements and be proud of it. Also because you have good manners and a good behavior.
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What is the verb for intellect?

A verb for intellect is impart. As in "to impart your knowledge". Assert or sharpen can also be used as verbs for intellect.
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Does dementia affect intellect?

Yes. All types of dementia are characterized by damage to neurons in brain areas that help to encode and retrieve short-term memory. When IQ tests are given to (even mildly) d ( Full Answer )
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What is Spider-Man's intellect?

it isn't super human but he is a straight A student and he knows a lot about chemistry(web fluid/shooters)
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How Intellect in a sentence?

The intellect level of the person was way beyond anyone else. Thisis an example sentence using intellect.
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How do you define the intellect?

The intellect is the part of the mind that takes in informationabout the external environment, forms conceptions related to thatenvironment, and makes judgments concerning the ( Full Answer )