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How do you become intelligent?

Getting more education is a highly accepted way, as are cultural experiences, reading lots of books, and trying new things. Reading and writing are good ways and also use t (MORE)

Are there theories of intelligence?

Yes Spearman claimed intelligence is a general factor (g factor) that affects all aspects of ability. yet Thurstone believed that intelligence was actually many, actually 7 d (MORE)

How do you improve intelligence?

play first person shooters meticulously and read sophisticated books such as Richard dawkins the god delusion. Analyze the world in a philasophical sense and try to break away (MORE)

How intelligent are unicorns?

they are much smarter than people, that's how they can stay hidden. Also very good in maths.   Unicorns are actually quite bright but tend to be distracted and apathetic mo (MORE)

Was hatshepsut intelligent?

In terms of  trade, Hatshepsut was not blind to the need of bolstering Egypt's  economy' and indeed, the Punt expedition is but the climax of her  consistent trading enterp (MORE)

Are Chihuahuas intelligent?

Chihuahua's are very intelligent. Chi's have a extremely close bond to their owners. And if you as a chi owner is patient and caring, your chi will learn very quickly. Chi's l (MORE)

How intelligent are Labradors?

I have heard that black labs are the most intelligent of all the colors of labs. My black lab knows approximately 5 words--he can recognize them with no inflection in my voice (MORE)
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How to be intelligent?

To be intelligent you have to study and work hard. Try your best on test even though your last one to finish your test.
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