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What are the main ideas in intelligent design?

The idea is basically three-fold. 1. If evolution operates by Natural Selection then Natural Selection must account for everything (everything it claims to account for at lea (MORE)
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What are some pros to the intelligent design theory?

If nothing else, it's useful in pointing out areas where evolutionary theory has been getting by on hand-waving and needs a bit more thought put in to "hey, exactly how COULD (MORE)
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What is Intelligent Design Who founded it and What are its goals?

William Paley, of the 18th century, propounded the following; What if someone were to find a watch in a forest? A watch is complex and apparently tuned to fulfil a function; t (MORE)

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What is intelligent design?

Intelligent design is basically the opposite of evolution. It says that all life was designed by an "intelligent agent" and did not evolve. It has been widely disregarded as p (MORE)

Is a rainbow an example of an intelligent design?

A rainbow is an example of refracted light, caused by refraction and dispersal of sunlight through water droplets in the air.   Look at a glass or crystal prism; you'll see (MORE)
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What are arguments for Intelligent Design?

Intelligent design is the assertion that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause. Intelligent design puts forth the in (MORE)

How is intelligent design different from creationism?

Intelligent Design is a line of subjective argumentation  within creationism, which generally implies the following  flow of deduction:    1. The universe is complex (MORE)