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Do firefighters intentionally start forest fires?

The Forest Service (USFS) and similar groups do controlled burns. These are controlled and they do not do it for entertainment, they do it to keep things in that particular ar (MORE)

Did Franklin intentionally plan to study electricity?

Franklin studied electricity quite deliberately. Most people know only about his famous kite experiment, but he was actually one of the foremost electrical scientists of his d (MORE)
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Do sharks eat people intentionally?

Great white sharks don't eat people on purpose. They mistake you for a seal if your on a surf board or if your in a wet suit. Bull sharks on the other hand they don't care wha (MORE)
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Why are some people late for parties intentionally?

Some people are intentionally late for parties because they do not  want to be the first to arrive. They also might be intentionally  late because they don't want to be ther (MORE)

Why do students intentionally plagiarize?

Students intentionally plagiarize for a variety of reasons. Some reasons deal with personal academic confidence, pressure, or laziness. Since plagiarize is very common in mi (MORE)

Was Louis Pasteur discovery an accident or intentionally?

All of Pasteur's discoveries -- and he was responsible for quite a  few -- were the result of experiments that were carefully planned,  executed, and documented.    T (MORE)