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Parts for a 1995 police interceptor?

Try that is a group of auto junk yards through out North America.. Also give a call to Mosside Specialty Cars in Wall PA, Near Pittsburgh. I just bought a 9 (MORE)
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How do you change oil on Honda Interceptor?

Put the bike on its side stand. Loosen and remove the oil fil plugon the right hand top side of the crankcase. Put a funnel into thehole. Put a large pan or container under th (MORE)

Which is better interceptor or Heart guard?

Both products are good and do the job well. I personally like Interceptor better, but it is more expensive. It seems to get rid of really tough round worm infestations better (MORE)

What happened to the 2014 Jensen interceptor?

No body seams to know has it vanished in to it's own "hype" lookedfor more information but none, has it gone like the RussianBillionare never to be seen again don't know, will (MORE)

Who makes the Jensen interceptor?

The Jensen Interceptor was built in England by Jensen Motors from 1966 to 1976. .