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Is there a police interceptor engine for Lincoln continental?

No. There is no "police interceptor" engine. The 4.6 SOHC engine in the P71 Crown Victorias are the exact same as the civilian models. The 1996 and newer Lincoln Continentals (MORE)

What is the difference between an interceptor and fighter jet?

An "interceptor" is a term to describe a fighter that is used to attack enemy aircraft, usually bombers before they can drop their bombs. When the Russians heard about the pla (MORE)

What is the difference between a goped trail ripper and a goped interceptor?

They are both trail ripper models. The interceptor has street tires, faster gearing, and a built in kickstand, quieter muffler. The regular trail ripper has knobby off road ti (MORE)

Can you supercharge police interceptor engine?

Yes. The 1992 to present 4.6 litre engines are relatively easy to supercharge. A quick Google search would give you a few companies that make kits especially for the Crown Vic (MORE)

How do you find the x and y interceptors of an equation?

the x axis is located on the horizontal axis. an easy way to remember this is to think that when you look at the sun when it's setting you can see a flat horizontal line calle (MORE)

Was there ever a DOS version of F18 interceptor?

  YES! I have seen screenshots and a YouTube video of this game and I am 100% certain I have played this game on DOS when I was a kid. In fact I am scouring the internet r (MORE)
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How do you change oil on Honda Interceptor?

Put the bike on its side stand. Loosen and remove the oil fil plugon the right hand top side of the crankcase. Put a funnel into thehole. Put a large pan or container under th (MORE)