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What is intercourse?

There are three types of sexual intercourse: 1) Vaginal; where a male's penis is inserted into a female'svagina. 2) Anal; where a male's penis is inserted into the anus of a (MORE)
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How do you have a intercourse?

Just pick your partner. LIKE your GF or BF Just always use CONDOM if it is your first time or if you want STD-FREE. then F*CK him/her. like anal S*X. Play GENTLE. P.S. I rea (MORE)
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What is an intercourse?

The interaction between two or more individuals, companies or countries on many different levels. Social, sexual, commercial or diplomatic.
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How do you to have intercourse?

You put the sexy penis up the smexy vagina and done. If you want a very unsatisfied woman you do what the person above said! You have to incl foreplay and you start with ma (MORE)

Where is Intercourse?

\nThere is a well known small town in the State of Pennsylvania, in the United States, called Intercourse. It is in "Amish" country (a Christian religious sect known for plai (MORE)

Why to have intercourse?

It reduces your chances of having Heart problems * It makes you fit !! Trust me , it gives you enough exercise of what you would get by running 75 miles a day ! *Gives re (MORE)
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How can i get her to have intercourse?

you get her to a motel, be nice to her, buy her a drink, encourage her to have more until she's drunk, then, you take her to your bed and she will be willing to have sex with (MORE)