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What does interdisciplinary mean?

INTERDISCIPLINARY For Mr.Kaari's Class . \nINTERDISCIPLINARY means: of relating to, or involving 2 or more acedemic disciplines that are usually considered distinct. An ant (MORE)

What are interdisciplinary connections?

The studies that cross the boundaries of two or more distinctdisciplines are known as interdisciplinary connections. For example, music and mathematics, arts and biology.

Interdisciplinary nature of e-commerce?

Interdisciplinary Nature of EC : - meaning, e-commerce covers a lot of different areas . Marketing . Computer Sciences . Consumer behaviour and psychology (MORE)
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Why is interdisciplinary science is important to society?

Because nature itself is not divided into 'disciplines' they are only imposed by humanity. Each can then only ever give small glimpse of a tiny part of nature, with no importa (MORE)

How do you use interdisciplinary in a sentence?

Although I am a professor of communication, many of my courses are interdisciplinary: they involve sociology, psychology, and even English Literature. (Note: in college, the w (MORE)

Why is biochemistry an example of an interdisciplinary science?

Because chemistry is not a totally isolated science. Sometimes chemistry overlaps other sciences such as biology, geology, physics, or mathematics. These areas of study are kn (MORE)
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What does the term interdisciplinary mean?

The term interdisciplinary means that something requires knowledge from multiple disciplines or fields. For example, biomedical engineering is, by nature interdisciplinary, b (MORE)