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What is interest?

Interest means that you borrow money, and you owe it back with alittle bit extra. e.g. you owe someone £10. After a month you givethat money back. But for having let you bo ( Full Answer )
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You are interesting?

You asked You are Interesting. I have to ask you. Are you interestinng and if so what makes you think you are interesting? If you have confidence in yourself, you will be inte ( Full Answer )
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Why are you interested in IT?

Many people are interested in IT because this field is growing. ITis also a field of the future. Everything seems to be gettingcomputers.
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Is she interested in you?

I have this girl in my math class. She always sits next to me. We rarely talk but i started to notice she glances at me. I saw her glance about 5-6 times in class today. Does ( Full Answer )
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What are interests?

Interest is commonly known as a % of money that you need to pay for a loan you have taken or receive in case you would have to receive for the money that you have given someon ( Full Answer )
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What is earning interest on interest?

Compound interest. This is where you work out the interest on a number, then work out the interest on top of the number with the interest added.
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Is She Interested or Not?

Well, you can never really ever be sure. If a girl likes you, you'll know it. But, if you want a girl to like you just make her feel special. Also if a girl really likes you, ( Full Answer )
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Is he in interested in me?

Look at his behavior or go bravely to him and ask him whether he likes you or not.
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What is the interest?

The rate of interest is different in different countries, for different amounts, for different periods, for different purposes, from different lenders, for different borrowers ( Full Answer )
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What is interest-?

Interest is money paid for money that is on deposit in a bank. Itis also charged when a loan is taken out from a money lender.