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What is an interface?

An interface is the place where two different things meet andinteract. This term often comes up with regard to computers. Dataprocessing takes place inside the computer, and t (MORE)

What is HDMI Interface?

High Definition Multimedia Interface. Used for connecting HD equipment together. Masses of info at:

What are interfaces?

Interfaces refer to programs or devices that enable a given user tocommunicate with the computer. It also refers to a point where twoorganizations and subjects interact.
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What is Legacy interface?

Enumeration interface: It defines the method by which we can enumerate(obtain one at a time) through the elements. The legacy interface is suppressed by Iterator. It has two (MORE)

What is a DHSG interface?

DHSG is a German acronym (Drahtlose Hör-Sprechgarnitur) meaning "wireless headset'. In the context of a DHSG Interface, the acronym is in reference to one of a few EHS ( (MORE)

What is the interface and how will you go about implementing interface?

As defined in the java programming language 4th edition: The fundamental unit of programming in the Java programming language is the class, but the fundamental unit of obje (MORE)

What is an interface and how will you go about implementing an interface?

an Interface is nothing but a contract as to how a class should behave. It just declares the behavior as empty methods and the implementing class actually writes the code that (MORE)

Can interface extends another interface?

yes of cause interface is use in java at the place of multiple inheritance .o as like multiple inheritance u can extends interface class to other. and another think is inter (MORE)