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What is interference?

When two or more waves overlap and combine to form a new wave thisprocess is called interference. When two (or more) waves travel simultaneously in the same medium,the total (MORE)

Interference in English?

Interference abounds in English "as she is spoke." English speakers seem to be uncomfortable with two ways of saying something; one way interferes with another, and creates a (MORE)
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What is an interference?

  It's phenomenon of light redistribution under certain conditions. When you have a source of light and you split light beam emitted by the source in two parts, and them b (MORE)

What is interference in gears?

Interference in gears is mating of two non-conjugate or  non-involute tooth profiles. Basically when the tip of pitch circle  of pinion O1 tries to dig out (interfere with) (MORE)
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What is interfere?

  interfere is when someone is in something that they are not supposted to be in.

What is interferance?

Light rays of exactly same wave length and frequency are called monochromatic. If two monochromatic waves meet at a point, then there may be strengthening or weakening of ligh (MORE)
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What is the principle of interference?

The Principle of interference is that waves add or subtract dependent on the phase or angle difference between the two waves. In phase waves (0 degrees) add and out of phase w (MORE)
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What are constructive interference and destructive interference?

when two waves superimposed on each other in the same phase (phase diff is 0), then the resultant amplitude becomes the sum of the amplitudes of the two waves. This type of in (MORE)