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What is interferon?

Interferon's are proteins made by cells that are hosts to pathogens as a " cry for help " signal that recruits the body's defenses to pathogens and cancer cells.
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What is a Interferons?

Interferon is a fluid protein found in everyone's bloodstream. It is made by the body to protect body cells from being invaded by viruses. Interferon is also used as an inject (MORE)
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What does interferons do?

When a cell is infected with virus it sends out an interferon to warn other cells around it to stop transcription and translation and to produce antiviral proteins

How does interferon work?

Interferon binds to neighboring cells and stimulates these cells to produce antirival proteins which can prevent viral replication in these cells

Is interferon a chemical?

Yes, The interferon group is a group consistiong complex hormone like protiens, Interferon is a chemical like all protiens.
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