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Does an interior designer have to go to college?

The longer and more complete and more complete answer is yes and  no, depending on where one lives. The short answer is no, a college  degree is not "required" to practice i (MORE)

What is the significance of anthropometry to interior design?

Anthropometrics are tools for interior designers to aid working out how high or how far an average male or female may reach in relative comfort. These are factors that need to (MORE)

What are facts about Modern Design for Interior design?

If you want to learn about modern interior design, you might also want to research modern architecture. Modern design uses geometric shapes, lack of clutter, open plan archite (MORE)
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What does an interior designer do?

An interior designer is professionally trained to create afunctional and quality interior environment. Qualified througheducation, experience and examination, a professional d (MORE)

What can you do with a associates degree in Interior Design?

You can work for an interior design firm as an assistant. You can  also start your own business in interior design. You could work for  an architecture firm as well.
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What percentage of an interior design budget goes to the Interior Designer?

Most of the design firms in India that use DesignBids charge INR 40  to 400 per sqft., But it totally depends on the project and  requirements. Residential projects, like yo (MORE)

What an interior design do?

Interior design is a work that deals for decors your room, home or  offices. How to make them look like what client wants by putting  matching décors and arrange it to look (MORE)

What is design and interior design?

Design is the creation of a plan for the construction of an object  or a system. Design has many disciplines, such as interior design  is "the art or process of designing th (MORE)

Is Interior Designer and Furniture Designer the same?

The Interior Designer and Furniture Designer may share an artistic eye, but their point of view and goals are not the same. The Interior Designer sees a space, a room which ha (MORE)