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What is intermittent production?

A intermittent production process a production process in which the production run is short and machines are changed frequently to make different products.
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What is an intermittent?

Intermittent is an adjective describing a punctuated and orirregular set of instances. Wiper blades on a vehicle can be set towipe intermittently, that is on a delay and not c ( Full Answer )
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What is intermittent bacteremia?

Most blood infections are intermittent bacteremias, which means the microorganisms enter the blood at various times.
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What is a intermittent volcano?

Very common is the answer, for volcanoes are either active, intermittent, dormant or extinct. There are very few continuously active volcanoes in the world.
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What is a sentence for intermittent?

SEC. 21-23-20. Intermittent sentences for misdemeanor convictions. . Upon conviction of any person of a misdemeanor in a municipal court of this state, the municipal court j ( Full Answer )
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What is intermittent welding?

intermittent welding (also known as skip welding) is a pattern of welding that allows the weld joint to cool by welding in a series of "skips" on opposite or far sides from th ( Full Answer )
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What is an esxample of intermittent?

something that occurs at intervals. example.. when the adverts came on to the telly he walked out of the room.... he was being intermittent.
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What is intermittent insomnia?

Intermittent means it happens occasionally; insomnia is a sleep disorder wherein a person physically cannot go to sleep.
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What is an intermittent process?

An intermittent process is something that goes on and off a bit any old how, w/o any obvious rhythm to it.
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What is intermittent failure?

Failure that cannot be consistently reproduced under the same conditions. It works sometimes, fails at other times.