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How does an internal combustion engine work?

A 4 stroke gasoline internal combustion engine operates on a 4 stroke cycle, hence the name, "4 stroke engine". The first stroke is the intake stroke, the piston moves down th (MORE)

What is the functioning of Internal combustion engine?

    pretty much to put it simply, the purpose of the internal combustion engine is to turn potential energy in the form of petrol or diesel into mechanical energy. Th (MORE)

Who invented the internal combustion engine?

Inventor of the Internal Combustion Engine Gottlieb Daimler invented the internal combustion engine. I am sorry to say but it was not Daimler who invented the first internal (MORE)

What is choke in an internal combustion engine?

The choke is used on petrol engines with carburettors, to increase the fuel to air ratio, for better starting. It is called a 'choke' because it actually chokes off some of (MORE)

What are the uses for an internal combustion engine?

All fossil fuel, and biodeisel engines are internal combustion engines. Internal combustion engines are engines that requier a propellant (Gas, diesel etc..). The fuel gets in (MORE)

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What is internal combustion engines?

Internal Combustion, the fundamentals, are the powerplant in your car. The term Internal Combustion is from the fuel/air mixture combusting , actually exploding is more accura (MORE)

Why is diesel is an internal combustion engine?

When air is compressed it becomes hot. A diesel engine compresses air and fuel in a cylinder. The mixture burns and pushes down the piston. It is called an internal combustion (MORE)