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How do you get from Washington D.C. to Baltimore Washington International airport via public transportation?

From DC you need to make your way to Union Station. There are plenty of metro trains or buses that can get you there. At Union Station you can either take a MARC train (less (MORE)

What public transportation goes from Chicago O'hare International airport to Chicago Union Station?

The CTA blue line can take you between the airport and Union Station. You will have three options: Chicago Transit Authority - 888-YOUR-CTA for around $3/person. Cab for (MORE)

What is so important about the location of the Chicago O'Hare International Airport that makes it such an important transportation hub?

  I can think of several reasons...   First, it is located about halfway across a very big country. Many modes of transportation like trains, buses or planes, would sto (MORE)

Why is the Tulsa International Airport an international airport?

  Although Tulsa International Airport has no scheduled commercial international flights it is a landing rights airport (LRA). Landing rights airports are considered inter (MORE)

What is internal transportation?

Internal transportation means the process transportation in  industrial enterprises. It is an extremely important aspect of  General layout, the continuation of production a (MORE)

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