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What are the internal development of the baby?

heart continues to pump blood to all the internal organs including the umbilical cord that supplies the blood to the placenta, which is growing simultaneously. His face is ta (MORE)

What are the functions of development bank?

The nine important functions of development banks in India are as follows: To promote and develop small-scale industries (SSI) in India.To finance the development of the housi (MORE)

What is international certified bank draft?

An international certified bank draft is simply a check guaranteed,  and issued from a foreign bank. The certified bank draft should be  easier to cash than a personal check (MORE)

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Distinguish between internal and external reconstruction?

INTERNAL RECONSTRUCTION- when the name of the co. remain as before but changes are made in assets and liabilities of the co. and entries are made in the books of the co. of su (MORE)

What is the function of the Caribbean Development Bank?

   The functions of the Caribbean Development Bank are as  follows:   to assist the borrowing member countries to optimise the use of  their resources, develop thei (MORE)