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When does a company require to go for internal reconstruction?

i) When the capital structure of a company is complex and it is  required to make it simple.   (ii) When there are huge accumulated losses and it is required to  write o (MORE)

Why was the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development founded?

In 1991, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was founded to promote private companies and entrepreneurial initiatives throughout Eastern Europe. The EBRD help (MORE)

What is internal reconstruction of a company?

Internal reconstruction is an arrangement made by companies whereby the claims of share holders, debenture holder, creditors and other liabilities are reduced or altered, so t (MORE)

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Distinguish between internal and external reconstruction?

INTERNAL RECONSTRUCTION- when the name of the co. remain as before but changes are made in assets and liabilities of the co. and entries are made in the books of the co. of su (MORE)