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What is the social mobilizer?

Organizers are concerned with improving social conditions, changing institutions and power relationships, delivering needed services, and strengthening community participation (MORE)

What is social mobility?

  Social mobility is the ability to move up (or also down) the social scale. An obvious example would be the son or daughter of up unskilled worker who is successful at hi (MORE)

What is a social group?

a social group is a number of individuals interacting with each other with respect to: Common motives and goals;An accepted division of labor, i.e. roles,Established status ( (MORE)

How is spatial mobility a barrier to social mobility?

Spatial mobility is the rate of moves or migrations made by a given population within a given time frame. Spatial mobility can be a barrier to social mobility because spatial (MORE)

Are mobile phones a social issue?

Distracted driving Environmental impact of discarded phones and batteries Lost art of true personal communication skills Manners -- When is is rude to talk on or answer your m (MORE)

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What is underprivileged?

Under Privilaged means:     underprivileged      ʌndəˈprɪvɪlɪdʒd/       adjective  adjective:  under-privileged      1.    (MORE)