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What are international collector's library books?

  The International Collectors Library was a book club series published by Doubleday Publishin Co of Garden City, New York.   The books are inexpensive reprints of grea (MORE)

What is the order of instruments in a musical score?

  The order of instruments in an orchestral score is traditionally arranged in four groups: woodwind, brass, percussion and strings, in that order, downwards. The woodwind (MORE)
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What does the term score mean in music?

Score is a written musical composition; parts for different instruments appear on separate staves on large pages it can also be the mark out of 10 you get for performing but w (MORE)

How does music affect test scores?

While some people prefer to have background noise (such as music) going while they study, others prefer complete silence. And it also depends on the type of studying you're do (MORE)

What does graphic score mean in music?

A GRAPHIC score in music is like a normal score but instead of notes the composer or author of the piece of muic will use pictures to reperesent notes or sounds or the piece o (MORE)

What is the value of a 1969 International Library of Piano Music 15-volume set?

The amount basically is $10.00 or less as they are now on CD - -    That answer would only be correct if he was answering about the  recordings - not the music. Remast (MORE)

Who is harmed in Google's library Project?

                                        1.       There are two main groups affected by G (MORE)

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What exactly is Naxos Music Library?

Naxos Music Library is an online resource tool allowing users to access their comprehensive collection of music of various types such as Classical, Jazz, Folk, Chinese among o (MORE)