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What exactly is Naxos Music Library?

Naxos Music Library is an online resource tool allowing users to access their comprehensive collection of music of various types such as Classical, Jazz, Folk, Chinese among o (MORE)
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Who scored the first 5 point try in international rugby?

The points value of a try was increased from 4 points to five points in 1992. The first player to score an international five point try seems to have been Inga Tuigamala for t (MORE)
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What does the term score mean in music?

Score is a written musical composition; parts for different instruments appear on separate staves on large pages it can also be the mark out of 10 you get for performing but w (MORE)

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What does graphic score mean in music?

A GRAPHIC score in music is like a normal score but instead of notes the composer or author of the piece of muic will use pictures to reperesent notes or sounds or the piece o (MORE)

Who Composed Musical Score From Somewhere in time?

John Barry, although Rachmaninovs 18th. variation on a theme of Paganini also features largely in the film.
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Can you use the rhapsody music library offline?

Yes you can, sort of. You can enable Rhapsody to download tracks you play right to your hard drive to listen to offline without paying the $.89 per song. Open up Rhapsody, cli (MORE)