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What is international financial report standard?

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a set of  accounting standards developed by the International Accounting  Standards Board (IASB) that is becoming the (MORE)

What is the purpose of an internal standard in an analytical experiment?

Internal standard is primarily used to increase the accuracy and precision of analytical methods that have large inherent variability. The method is used in chromatography (GC (MORE)

Standard size of a paperback book?

  A Format paperbacks are 110 mm x 178mm (4.33" x 7.01")in size, B Format paperbacks are 130 mm x 198mm (5.12" x 7.8"), C Format (trade paperbacks) are 135 mm x 216mm (MORE)


The major disadvantage in the short run will be the cost to businesses of adopting the new standards. For some years into the future, accountants will have to understand both (MORE)

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List of International Accounting Standard?

A list of the International Accounting Standards can be found on  the IAS Plus website. These includes Presentation of Financial  statements, Inventories, Statement of Cash (MORE)
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Why internal standard you used in hplc method?

Internal standard can be used for calibration by plotting the ratio of the analyte signal to the internal standard signal as a function of the analyte concentration of the sta (MORE)
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