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What is Internal Style sheet?

An internal style sheet is located inside the header tag of an HTML or similar markup language. The CSS rules located in the internal style sheet take a higher precedence then (MORE)

Which HTML tag is used to define an internal style sheet?

Style or 1. Place this inside the : 2. Don't forget to add HTML comment tags "" to protect some browsers. (This is optional. Use this if you have declared a browser excep (MORE)

What is the difference between internal and external style sheets?

The difference between internal and external style sheets is pretty simple. Both are referenced within the head section of a web page () but external style sheets are much eas (MORE)

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What is the HTML tag used to define an internal style sheet?

If you are looking to use an internal style sheet, you are going to need to use the tag. This tag has both an opening and a closing tag and in between the two tags is where y (MORE)

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