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What is is database?

A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. In one view, databases can be classified according to type (MORE)

How does copyright affect movies on the internet?

Only the rightsholder of a movie has the right to distribute it, so unless the site is licensed by the rightsholder, it's not legal. Many rightsholders keep a tight grip on (MORE)

Where can you watch movies for free on the internet?

There are various sites that allow you to view free movies online, but the quality and selection varies. Some of the better known sites include Hulu, Zenetworks, Solarmovie, F (MORE)

What is a database?

The database is a collection of data on which we can perform operations such as: 1. Storing data (Save) 2. Manipulating data (Update, Delete, insert, sort) 3. Retrieve d (MORE)

How do you download the movie enchanted for free from internet?

On, search for bitcomet and download it. Then install it. Only now on any of the following sites, you can search for anything you want to download: www.thepirateb (MORE)