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What roles do various protocols play on the internet?

Best written explaination is from: Types of Network Protocols The most common network protocols are: Ethernet Local Tal (MORE)

What is the best protocol for video streaming over the internet?

To answer this question, one have to remind that on Internet, the  HTTP protocol is dominant.   So, a good video streaming protocol must have the ability to use  HTTP pr (MORE)

Why are internet protocols used?

Internet Protocols are used for governing the communication between two computers or devices, Its a set of rules to manage how the communication should take place.
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What are the five layers in the Internet protocol stack?

Application: FTP, SMTP, HTTP Transport : TCP, UTP Network : IP, routing protocols Link : PPP ethernet Physical : bit
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Importance of internet protocol?

Internet protocols or web protocols provide a basis of data volumes across a wide range of networks. This includes the security of data transported or routed, authenticating c (MORE)

Types of internet protocols?

Dhcp tcp/ip ipx http pop smtp ftp
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Primary transmission protocol of the internet?

  The Internet Protocol (IP) is a protocol used for communicating data across a packet-switched internetwork using the Internet Protocol Suite, also referred to as TCP/IP. (MORE)