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How do you get trolls?

Look for medium to large sized forests with many trees, preferably pines or figs. Go out after dark, around midnight and sit silently for a couple of hours, listen for any mov (MORE)

What are trolls?

In Scandinavian folklore, a supernatural being, usually ugly and very strong, that lives in remote places, usually not helpful to humans, may be harmful. On internet forums, o (MORE)

What is trolling in internet?

A troll is someone who attempts to start so called 'Flame wars' on forums, or simply tries to annoy other people. This is usually accomplished by insulting the other party, wh (MORE)

What do you do with the bingo troll?

After you enter Leisure Towers, go to the Bingo Hall, which should alrealdy be open for you. Click on the table next to Greg's Gramma. You will start the Bingo game. You will (MORE)
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What is back trolling?

Back trolling is when you Troll (Trick or Joke) somebody who  trolled you or trolling when somebody isnt looking   For example (EX)   TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL (MORE)

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What is the Internet?

The Internet is a worldwide network of thousands of computers andcomputer networks. It is a public, voluntary, and cooperativeeffort between the connected institutions and is (MORE)

Where can you buy troll beads in China?

china is a large market of everything!!! you can buy everything from China. troll beads are popular in America ,or in Europe,but you can also find the troll beads manufact (MORE)

Is the Grinch a troll?

Well, no. You see, Dr. Suess wrote How the Grinch Stole Christmas and all of his characters were imaginary and extremely different, That's what Made Dr. Suess, Dr. Suess. The (MORE)

How do you troll on Facebook?

1st answer: First, go to a friend's page. Save their profile  picture and set it as yours. Now, you must change your name to  theirs on facebook. Then, send them a message o (MORE)
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Who is the king of trolls?

The title "King of Trolls" is an ongoing, disputed title. There are several known trolls on the Internet, as well as lesser trolls, so determining who the king of them is a ve (MORE)