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What is internode?

An internode is a portion of plant stem between nodes. An internodal segment is a portion of nerve fibre.
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What is the function of nodes and internodes?

The node is the part of the stem of the plant from which leaves, branches, and aerial roots emerge. There are many nodes on a plant stem. The distance between each node is ca ( Full Answer )
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What is the different between a node and internode?

THE POINT FROM WHERE THE LEAF ARISES IS KNOWN AS NODE. THE DISTANCE between 2 consequitive nodes is known as internode.. from a node leaf arises but from the internode no ( Full Answer )
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What is internodal pathway?

It is a pathway for signals from the SA node to the AV node that passes through the walls of the atria.
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What are nodes and internodes?

The point in the stem from where a leaf arises is called a node. An internode is the distance between two nodes.
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What is the definition of internode?

Internode is a section between two nodes. It is commonly used in the field of Botany in referring to the part of a plant stem between two nodes and in Anatomy as the part of ( Full Answer )
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What are internodes?

An internode is a section between two nodes, sometimes referring to the anatomy of a flower and sometimes referring to nerves.