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What are the 5 longest interstates in the US?

1. Interstate 90 3099 Miles Starts in Seattle, WA; Ends in Boston, MA 2. Interstate 80 2900 Miles Starts in San Fransisco, CA ;Ends in Teaneck, NJ 3. Interstate 40 2555 Mi (MORE)

What is interstate and intrastate?

Interstate crosses another state or states. Intrastate stays within a state. If you live in New York City and send a letter to your mother in San Antonio, Texas, your mail wil (MORE)

What is the definition of interstate?

The term "interstate" means "between two states", as with commerce. It applies to conditions or activities that affect or include more than one state. The converse, within a s (MORE)
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When entering an interstate traffic on the interstate?

Entering and Leaving Expressways Vehicles can enter and leave expressways only at certain points. Because expressway traffic is usually moving at or close to the maximum spe (MORE)

What is Allied Interstate?

Allied Interstate is a collection agency. They have a spotty record and the BBB has an F reported for them. They have no known phone number or websites.
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What does interstate mean?

An interstate highway is one that crosses state boundaries. In the  US they are typically funded by the Federal government and must  meet specific requirements for quality, (MORE)

Why does Hawaii have interstates?

  Apparently the only island having major thoroughfares is Oahu. All the rest have only state highway indicators. As to why the signs display interstate markings when ther (MORE)