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What are the 10 longest interstates in the US?

1. Interstate 90 - (3,101.13 mi/4,990.78 km) 2. Interstate 80 - (2,899.54 mi/4,666.36 km) 3. Interstate 40 - (2,555.10 mi/4,112.03 km) 4. Interstate 10 - (2,460.34 mi/3, (MORE)

What is the definition of interstate?

The term "interstate" means "between two states", as with commerce. It applies to conditions or activities that affect or include more than one state. The converse, within a s (MORE)

What is a good kid sentence for interstate?

We took forever driving on the interstate, too much traffic. OR The interstate had so much traffic, we were 30 minutes late to class.
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What is the largest US interstate highway?

West and East: 1. I-10 2. I-40 3. I-70 4. I-80 5. I-90 6. I-20 7. I-44 North and South: 1. I-5 2. I-15 3. I-25 4. I-35 5. I-55 6. I-57
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When entering an interstate traffic on the interstate?

Entering and Leaving Expressways Vehicles can enter and leave expressways only at certain points. Because expressway traffic is usually moving at or close to the maximum spe (MORE)

Does interstate-10 go into Tampa?

No, you would get onto I75 a little north of Gainesville. Take I75 SB to either I4 West or I275 South, depending on where in Tampa you are heading.
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