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What is a radiology technician?

Radiologic Technologists, also known as Rad Tech's or RT's assist the Radiologist physician with the process of imaging and diagnosing illness. The RT is responsible for perfo (MORE)

How was radiology invented?

  Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen   (1845 - 1923)   German physicist who was a recipient of the first Nobel Prize for Physics, in 1901, for his discovery of X rays, which h (MORE)

What is paradoxical intervention?

A paradoxical intervention is used in structural family therapy and strategic family therapy. It is a type of intervention or technique where the therapist's goal is to elimin (MORE)

What is mAs in radiology?

mA (millamps) x Time (seconds) = mAs mA Tube Current The second control of the output of the x-ray tube is called the mA (milliamperage) control. This control determines h (MORE)

When do you capitalize radiology?

It is capitalized at the beginning of the sentence or when it forms part of the proper noun. Example: Makati Radiology Society
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What is ARRT in radiology?

ARRT Stands for "American Registry of Radiology Technologists" ARRT is the world's largest credentialing organization that seeks to ensure high quality patient care in radiol (MORE)
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What is medical intervention?

Medical intervention means medical procedures or applications that are intended to relieve illness or injury. This comes from a quotation of a medicine book.
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What is the history of radiology?

  Radiology InnovatorsWilhelm Conrad Roentgen (1845 - 1923) Antoine-Henri Becquerel (1852 - 1908) Max Theodor Felix Von Laue (1879 - 1960)   Key Dates in Radiology Hist (MORE)

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