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Why do you have 2 intestines?

You have a large and a mall intestine, but they are connected and are part of the 'tube' that makes up a large part of our digestive system. Even though they are part of this (MORE)

Which intestine is longer?

The small intestine is much longer than the large intestine, typically around 3 times longer
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What color are your intestines?

  Intestine should be pink in color,wet and shiny. Purple in color means decreased oxygenation to that part.
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How do you do intestinal decompression?

Intestinal decompression is done by inserting the nasoenteric tube first. You insert the nasoenteric tube just like in NG tube. The nasoenteric tube have a balloon to be fille (MORE)

How do you get intestinal flu?

What causes intestinal flu is due to fact that you have eaten something bad or have food allergies also known as food poison. You can get rid of this by drinking lots of liqui (MORE)

About the small intestine?

Small IntestineThe small intestine (also known as the small bowel) is the longest portion of the digestive tract - it is more than 6 meters long and is located within the midd (MORE)
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What is intestinal 'flora'?

  You have a lot of "good" bacteria in your intestines, these are the intestinal flora.
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