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What was the Intifada?

The Intifada in Israel was the Palestinian uprising against Israeli rule. It took place from about 1987-1993, but the conflict is still occurring.
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What caused the intifada?

There has been an ongoing dispute between Arabs and Jews in Israel from as early as 1921 (and to some degree even beforehand). In 1967 Israel won the six-day war, and decided (MORE)
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Why is the intifada important?

\nThe intifada was important because it showed that Israel was determined to keep its position and contributed to the current state of Israel. Israel showed some aggressivenes (MORE)
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How was the intifada an example of a jihad?

The most well-known Intifada was a way to defend the Palestinian lands and demonstration of protest against the injustice of the Israeli Occupiers. It is what called minor Jih (MORE)
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What was the outcome of the intifada?

The First Intifada resulted in numerous Palestinian and Israeli deaths but culminated in the Oslo Accords, recognizing the Palestinian Right to Self-Determination. The Seco (MORE)