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How does he act if he is intimidated by a girl he likes?

Any guy who is intimidated by a girl he like will tend to act shy. Depending on the level of intimidation a boy may try to talk to her but not "ask her out" or ask to do anyth (MORE)

Why does your crush seem intimidated by you?

  Are you pretty?   I'm assuming you're a girl, because guys don't use the term "your crush," at least no guys I've ever met. If you're pretty -- or if "your crush" (MORE)

Is intimidation a felony in Indiana?

In the state of Indiana, most charges of intimidation are a class C  misdemeanor. The law for intimidation changes in Indiana when  threats are of a serious nature or a weap (MORE)
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Do not be intimidated by eloquence of others?

Just because someone uses words more elegantly than you do, doesn't mean that you should be intimidated by them. Trust in what you believe!

Why is a girl very nervous and intimidated by me?

She obviously sees you as something special. Probably likes you, but doesn't know how to act in front of you because she isn't certain if you feel the same. Therefore, her ner (MORE)

What does intimidate?

  Intimidate means to... scare or surprise by some quality of feature about someone or yourself.   For example, I was intimidated by John's Halloween Mask.   Meaning (MORE)