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How do you be intimidating?

  Answer   Generally, people are intimidated by what they feel they lack or don't feel confident in. Naturally, a fat women is intimidated by a thin women at a photo (MORE)

What does intimidate?

  Intimidate means to... scare or surprise by some quality of feature about someone or yourself.   For example, I was intimidated by John's Halloween Mask.   Meaning (MORE)

What is an intimidating animal?

An animal that is intimidating is one that deters attack or approach by its size, appearance, or demeanor. Examples of intimidating animals are elephants, rhinos, lions, tiger (MORE)

What is intimidation bullying?

Intimidation bullying is where the bully wants you to be afraid of them. They can achieve this by threatning to hurt you or do something to harm you physically
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How do you not be intimidated by a boy?

Feel good about the good things within yourself. If you don't feel good about yourself and are intimidated by boys or a particular boy you need to make improvements for yourse (MORE)
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Why do you intimidate people?

Some often intimidate others with there size, numbers, power etc. There are many reasons why they do it e.g to control, to bully, to get there way, to show off etc. It may (MORE)

Is she intimidating?

When a man says "She is intimidating", they most likely aren't saying she is threatening. They are most likely referring to the fact that she is beautiful and they are a littl (MORE)