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Why do we have ears?

 You have ears so you can hear things. Some people are deaf, or cannot hear. Earwax is in your ear and you need to clean it out on a daily basis. 
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What is an ear?

  An ear is an sensory organ of the body. It helps us to hear sound. The ear is composed of the external ear (which is visible) and the internal ear.   The external ear (MORE)

What is a ear?

well im glad you asked a ear is something you hear out of it is  also very entertaining to stick small items in such as beads or  small toys so now that you know what an ear (MORE)
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What does the ear drum do in your ear?

The ear drum (aka: Tympanic Membrane) has several functions. It helps protect our middle ear space from debris and foreign objects, it connects to the middle ear bones (ossicl (MORE)

What to do if your ears are bleeding from fake earrings?

Nickle Contact Dermatitis. This is the bodies ability to liberate the nickle salts from cheap plated jewellery, this causes the nickle salts to be deposited on the tissue and (MORE)
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What is the ear piece in singers ears for?

If you were a singer at a music concert, hopefully the fans  would be screaming. Hopefully. The musicians can't hear themselves  play with all that screaming! They need a sp (MORE)