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What is intolerance?

The definition of intolerance according to the Webster's dictionary: 1 lack of tolerance of other people's opinions, beliefs, etc. 2 an allergy or sensitivity to some food, me (MORE)
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Why is Islam intolerant?

Islam is not an intolerant religion .Islam is a peacefull religion.its teachings are based upon peaceness and kindness.  
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Why were the intolerable acts intolerable to the colonists?

These Acts were the harshest so far of all the Acts passed by Parliament. The closing of Boston's port alone would cost the colony (and the American colonies as a whole) a ton (MORE)

What were the intolerable acts and why were they considered intolerable?

Definition: Series of laws sponsored by British Prime Minister Lord North and enacted in 1774 in response to the Boston Tea Party. The laws were these:Impartial Administration (MORE)

How were the intolerable acts intolerable?

There were laws passed that forced residents to house British soldiers in their private homes. Also, the Port of Boston was closed until the citizens paid for the 600,000 poun (MORE)