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What are Intracellular structures?

Intracellular structures are objects found inside a cell . ( Intra- means inside .) They include subcellular organelles, or simply organelles . These are relatively com ( Full Answer )
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What are intracellular enzymes?

An intracellular enzyme is an enzyme that is inside a cell that must be activated by a specific molecule. Because it is inside the cell, an average signal molecule cannot go t ( Full Answer )
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What is intracellular concentration?

The cell membrane is semi-permeable which means that some thing go in and out of the cell freely and exist in to the same extent both within the cell and outside the cell. How ( Full Answer )
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What is intracellular transport?

transport of things in the endoplasmic reticulum. this is not very accurate but i tried.......
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What are intracellular accumulation?

Excess accumulations of substances in cells may lead to cellular injury due to toxicity, immune response, and/or taking up cellular space Characterized by: Excessive amoun ( Full Answer )
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Why is a virus described as an intracellular parasite?

Because, a virus doesn't fit any living category. The way it works is it goes to a cell and injects its DNA into it to make more viruses. Scientists have wondered whether to c ( Full Answer )
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What are intracellular proteins?

Intracellular proteins are all the proteins that travel in between cells. It may also be termed as secretory proteins. they formed in cytoplasm of a cells and secreted out by ( Full Answer )
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What is a synonym for intracellular?

there maybe inter-cellular but i am not sure . or you can just write within cells