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What are intricately painted eggs called?

It depends upon what method was used to decorate the eggs, and where they were made. Eggs can be decorated with dyes, paints, carving, scratching and many other methods. Diff (MORE)

What rhymes with intricate?

abbot agate anklet argot armlet ascot audit babbitt ballot bandit banquet bartlett basket basset beechnut bigot billet biscuit blanket bonelet bonnet booklet bracelet (MORE)
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What is the root word for the word intricate?

The word does not have a root word, it is a root word itself for the word intricacy, which is the noun form of the word. It may have Latin roots, and that may be the answer (MORE)
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What is involved with making a sentence intricate?

If a sentence is considered to be intricate it means that the sentence is complicated or hard to understand. An intricate sentence would include a lot of words that were not (MORE)