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What are the introns and exons?

Introns are nucleotides that are not used or expressed, while exons are expressed regions. .
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What are introns and exons?

Introns are intervening sequenceof DNA; does NOT code for a protein. . Exons are expressed squence of DNA; codesfor a protein.
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What are exons and introns?

Exons are sequences on the primary transcript, or pre-mRNA (or the DNA sequence from which it is transcribed), that remain in the RNA after RNA processing. Introns are seque (MORE)
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What is intron?

An intron is a DNA region within a gene that is not translated into protein. After intron splicing (ie. removal), the mRNA consists only of exon derived sequences, which are (MORE)
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Do prokaryotes have introns?

No, prokaryotes do not have introns, and therefore do not do RNA processing. However, eukaryotes do.
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What is intron splicing and what does it allow the cell to do?

Intron excising. When the messenger RNA is first transcribed the genes it is transcribed from have areas of sense, exons, and areas of " nonsense " ( not really, but let's kee (MORE)
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Can operons have introns?

Operons do not have introns. The activity of an intoron occurs in a complex DNA structure not in the area of an operons which leaves no room for them.
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What is meant by introns?

Introns are a part of your genetics that are edited out when making mRNA after transcription. The opposite are exons, which are the "keeper" parts. A chunk of DNA, called (MORE)