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What are introns and exons?

 Intronsare intervening sequence  of DNA; does NOT code for a protein.   Exons are expressed squence of DNA; codes  for a protein.  

What are exons and introns?

Exons are sequences on the primary transcript, or pre-mRNA (or the DNA sequence from which it is transcribed), that remain in the RNA after RNA processing. Introns are sequen (MORE)

What is intron?

An intron is a DNA region within a gene that is not translated into protein. After intron splicing (ie. removal), the mRNA consists only of exon derived sequences, which are t (MORE)

What is an intron?

  a non coding sequence of nucleic acid between the expressed sequences in a gene
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Can operons have introns?

Operons do not have introns. The activity of an intoron occurs in a complex DNA structure not in the area of an operons which leaves no room for them.
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What is meant by introns?

 Introns are a part of your genetics that are edited out when making mRNA after transcription. The opposite are exons, which are the "keeper" parts. A chunk of DNA, called a (MORE)