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Why are there no fossils in a intrusion?

If you mean an intrusion via magma/lava, then fossils would not exist due to the fact that most fossils are found in SEDIMENTARY rock, not IGNEOUS (magma/lava rocks).
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What is intrusive activity?

Intrusive activity is when magma in the mantle or crust starts tocool and crystallize. Igneous rock forms from the crystallization.

What is intrusive volcanism?

When hot molten magma escapes from the Earth's core becoming cooler, and forming hard rocks, we refer to this process as volcanism. Volcanism takes place both above the surfac (MORE)

What does intrusion mean?

An intrusion can be either the act of intruding (an intrusion into his private life) or a thing that intrudes (the excavations were an intrusion on their heritage).

Is coal intrusive?

No. Coal is a sedimentary rock formed from large amounts of plant remains being buried and compressed by the overlying sediments. Only igneous rock can be said to be intrusi (MORE)
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What do intrusions and extrusions do?

An extrusion is the forcing out of one material from another. An intrusion is the opposite where one material is forced into / inside or in between another.
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Why is magma intrusive?

Magma is molten rock that comes from a layer miles beneath theEart's crust. When underground pressures force magma upward, it "intrudes" intofissures within the solid rock, se (MORE)