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Is coal intrusive?

No. Coal is a sedimentary rock formed from large amounts of plant remains being buried and compressed by the overlying sediments. Only igneous rock can be said to be intrusi (MORE)

How do you avoid intrusive people?

Sometimes it's nearly impossible if it's a family member, neighbor or co-worker. If someone is really pushing your boundaries, you will just have to tell them you are a very p (MORE)
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What does intrusive mean?

In science terms it is a term to describe Igneous Rocks that have  solidified from magma underground. Extrusive is the same thing but  it is when the rock solidified above g (MORE)

What is salt water intrusion?

Where salt or more dense water enters a fresh water aquifer. This  happens because to much fresh water is drawn from the well.
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What is extrusion and intrusion?

intrusion - intrusion is when magma cools down inside Earth. extrusion - extrusion is when lava cools down on Earth.
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Why is granite an intrusive igneous rock?

It is igneous because it crystallizes out of cooling magma. It is intrusive because it can only form deep below ground. The magma cools down very slowly when it is deep belo (MORE)