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What do you mean by inventory?

Inventory is considered the goods that a company holds to sell to  its consumers. One of the few reasons businesses keep inventory is  to ensure they have a supply in the ev (MORE)

What is anticipation inventory?

Components, material, or goods kept at hand to meet seasonal fluctuations in demand or to meet the shortfall caused by erratic production. Also called anticipation inventory, (MORE)

What is hospital inventory?

hospital inventory consists of medical supplies, surgical supplies and lab and radiology items stocked by the hospital stores. The inventory module is integrated with all fina (MORE)

What is the difference between phonetic inventory and phonemic inventory?

A phonemic inventory is an inventory of all the distinctive sounds  (or phonemes in a given language.    A phonetic inventory describes the inventory of all speech sou (MORE)

What is merchandise inventory?

Merchandise inventory is the quantity of goods that are not being  sold and will remain on the companyƕs record or with intent in  re-selling the goods to the third party. (MORE)

How are inventories to be valued?

Inventory can be valued in many different ways but there are 3 popular methods. One is called FIFO (first in first out), another called LIFO (last in first out) and the last c (MORE)

What does inventory mean?

An inventory is a list of things. On a ship the inventory would be  a list of everything on board. In a computer game the inventory  would be the list of items your characte (MORE)

What is a moral inventory?

A moral inventory is a list of personality defects, violations of moral principle, defectism of character, maladjustments, and dysfunctional behavior. Making of one of these i (MORE)