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What is periodic inventory?

The system of inventory where updates are made on a periodic basis  is a periodic inventory. In this type of inventory, there is no  effort made to keep the records of the c (MORE)
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What is statutory inventory in a will?

The court appointed executor must file an inventory of the estate with the court. Once the debts have been paid and the remaining estate has been distributed the executor must (MORE)

What is inventory Management?

Tighten inventory management processes to help increase operational efficiency across your business, improve customer service, and reduce inventory and distribution costs with (MORE)

What is an ecological inventory?

  An ecological inventory is designed to determine those skills needed by a particular individual in his or her current and future environment.

How to do inventory control?

Inventory control is important to ensure that money is made on  every product. A company can cut down on inventory losses by  ensuring employees pay for any products n the b (MORE)

What is a moral inventory?

A moral inventory is a list of personality defects, violations of moral principle, defectism of character, maladjustments, and dysfunctional behavior. Making of one of these i (MORE)
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What is inventories?

 stock of goods: the merchandise or stock that a store or  company has on hand  making of inventory: the act or process of making an inventory,  or the period of time whe (MORE)