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What are involuntary actions?

The classic definition for an involuntary action would be a reflex. For example the doctor taps your knee and a monosynaptic (nerve to spinal cord and back again to the knee) (MORE)
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What is involuntary?

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What is involuntary behavior?

\nInvoluntary behaviour is behaviour we have no control over - such as the reaction one gets when the top of the knee is tapped sharply when one is sitting with one leg over t (MORE)
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What is a involuntary group?

An involuntary group is a group where you find people who are pressured by some external source to seek the assistance of social services to have their emotional problems solv (MORE)

What is an involuntary dismisssal?

The party who brings the case may dismiss the case at anytime, generally, and sometimes with stipulations, agreements. That would generally be considered a voluntary dismissal (MORE)
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What is involuntary assimilation?

In terms of culture, involuntary assimilation is when oneparticular ethnic group tries to overtake another, with the soleintention of increasing the size of their own group. A (MORE)
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What is involuntary musles?

These fibre do not work according to our will and get tired when overworked. These are found in the alimentary canal. The other name of involuntary muscles is smooth muscle.