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What is an ion?

Answer . In general, an ion is an atom or a molecule (group of atoms) that has gained or has lost one or more electrons, thus giving it an overall charge. An ion with more (MORE)

What are ions?

Ions are electrically charged particles. They form when an atom  contains an unequal number of protons in the nucleus and electrons  in the electron cloud. Of course, there (MORE)

What is ions?

Atoms which have the same number of electrons and protons. They are electrically charged particles that have lost or gained an electron from an atoms valence shell. When ions (MORE)
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What are an ions?

  an atom that has lost or gained electrons to form a full outer shell, if it combinds with another atom so both get a full outer shell you use the term ionic bonds
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What do ions have?

      Ions have electronic charge.     As ions are molecules or atoms with a different number of electrons(-1) to protons(+1) a positive ion has less elect (MORE)
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What does an ion do?

When an ion penetrates a solid, it splits molecules, moves atoms, and destroys ordered structures.  Ions also help enzymes fit into molecules with opposite charges.

What is is an ion?

If an atom has a structure of two shells, the inner one containing two electrons, the outer one containing seven, it doesn't have a complete outer shell. To have a complete ou (MORE)

What is the an ion?

an ion is an atom or gruop of aoms which has acquired the net nagitive charge by givein or accepting the electrons

What are -A ions?

The A- ion is the generic term for the conjugate base of an acid. The charge is balanced by an H+ ion. The identity and formula of this ion depends on the acid, for example, i (MORE)
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What is a ion?

A ion is a atom or molecule. This is when electrons is not equal tothe total number of protons.