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What is the importance of the ionosphere?

It helps make long distance radio communication possible though reflecting the radio waves back at the earth. It also helps keep the earth as a green house effect by not allow (MORE)

What is unique about the ionosphere?

the ionosphere is unique because of the significant amount of charged particles it contains, it is the only part of our atmosphere that contains reasonable amount of charged p (MORE)

How hot is the ionosphere?

The ionosphere temperature is about 500 degrees Celsius to about 1500 degrees Celsius. Sunspot activity has a big effect on the temperature.
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What does the ionosphere do to microwaves?

To oversimplify it, the ionosphere either reflect microwaves or allows it to pass through depending upon its frequency, the threshold is approximately 100MHz. Anything below t (MORE)

What is a kid friendly definition of ionosphere?

The ionosphere is the part of the earth's atmosphere (the layers of gases that surround the earth and stay there because of the earth's gravity) where sunrays are able to ioni (MORE)

How is the ionosphere helpful to man?

The region of the atmosphere located from 53 to 370 miles altitude  is called the ionosphere. This space is ionized by solar radiation,  which makes it incredibly helpful to (MORE)