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What does IOU stand for?

I.O.U. is used in replacement for I owe you but actually stands for 'Is Owed Unto'. "IOU" or I.O.U. is a phonetic abbreviation of the phrase "I owe you". It is usually a remin (MORE)

Words ending in ious?

words ending in ious: vicious, ambitious, delicious, suspicious, barbarious, adoptous, obvious, tenebrious, voracios, scarios, nonmalatoius, exceptous, luscious ........

How do you get IOU credit?

you text iou to 468 and next time you recharge, it deducts it from your credit eg. next time you put $30 credit on you phone, it will deduct $3 and you will have left $27
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How is a bond like an IOU?

Just like any loan, the issuer, or organization trying to sell the bond, agrees to pay back the money borrowed on a set date and agrees to pay intrest.

What Is Iou Credit?

It is when (say for Mobile phone) you get credit put on to your phone without paying for it, usually only about $2. Although the amount of money(credit) will be taking the tim (MORE)
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What does ious stand for?

An IOU is a promise to pay someone a certain amount of money. The term "IOU" comes from the phrase "I owe you." It is often used in friendly card games as a promise to pay mo (MORE)