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What does IOU stand for?

I.O.U. is used in replacement for I owe you but actually stands for 'Is Owed Unto'. "IOU" or I.O.U. is a phonetic abbreviation of the phrase "I owe you". It is usually a remin (MORE)

How do you get IOU credit?

you text iou to 468 and next time you recharge, it deducts it from your credit eg. next time you put $30 credit on you phone, it will deduct $3 and you will have left $27
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How is a bond like an IOU?

Just like any loan, the issuer, or organization trying to sell the bond, agrees to pay back the money borrowed on a set date and agrees to pay intrest.

What is iou college?

it is just a riddle there is no such thing i am doing the math  assignment for it and IOU technically mean I OWE YOU...get it?

What Is Iou Credit?

It is when (say for Mobile phone) you get credit put on to your phone without paying for it, usually only about $2. Although the amount of money(credit) will be taking the tim (MORE)
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What does ious stand for?

An IOU is a promise to pay someone a certain amount of money. The term "IOU" comes from the phrase "I owe you." It is often used in friendly card games as a promise to pay mo (MORE)