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What does the suffix -ious mean?

The suffix -ious means "having the quality of" where the root word  is a noun.    Some adjectives that end in -ious and the related nouns:   ambitious (ambition)  (MORE)

What is iou college?

it is just a riddle there is no such thing i am doing the math  assignment for it and IOU technically mean I OWE YOU...get it?

What does IOU stand for?

I.O.U. is used in replacement for I owe you but actually stands for 'Is Owed Unto'. "IOU" or I.O.U. is a phonetic abbreviation of the phrase "I owe you". It is usually a remin (MORE)
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How is a bond like an IOU?

Just like any loan, the issuer, or organization trying to sell the bond, agrees to pay back the money borrowed on a set date and agrees to pay intrest.

Are IOUs part of the petty cash fund?

That all depends on who you owe the money to. Petty cash is basically a small amount of cash that can be used by employees to buy miscellaneous goods such as girl scout cookie (MORE)

What is an IOU and what does it need to make it binding?

i believe it is a promise to pay someone for something/anythings between 2 or more people. To make it binding in some courts the verbal agreement with the intent to repay/repl (MORE)

How many presidents signed an IOU for borrowed SS money and never paid it back?

I am not sure what you want to know. Presidents can not borrow money from the US treasury, nor do they sign notes for such loans. The social security trust fund was begun in (MORE)