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How does the Democratic Iowa caucus work?

  a state represenative will meet with each candidate in a MEETING (the difference between caucuses and primaries) and the elect delegates.
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Why is there a presidential caucus?

  In each individual party, Democrat, Republican, Green.... To be sure the presidential candidates presented to represent their party share the same interest and Platform (MORE)

What is an example of caucus?

A caucus is a private meeting held by leaders before a general open  meeting is held. An example of a caucus is the Democratic leaders  meeting held before the National Conv (MORE)

Who votes at a caucus?

Voters who have registered a political party affiliation in a district (closed caucus) or Any Registered Voter in a district (open caucus) may vote for the 15 delegates and (MORE)

How does the presidential caucus work in Iowa?

  In the Iowa caucus there isn't a secret ballot - it's a very different type of voting. The following video on YouTube from Edwards's campaign office is an entertaining w (MORE)
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What Presidents have won the Iowa caucus?

Every U.S. President since Gerald Ford won at least one Iowa Caucus, but not necessarily in (a) year(s) in which they also won their party's nomination or the election. Ford (MORE)
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What is the possessive of caucus?

There are two accepted forms for possessive singular nouns ending  in s:   Add an apostrophe (') after the existing s at the end of the word:  caucus'   Add an apost (MORE)