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How do you open iphoto?

1. double click on finder or harddrive on desktop   2. double click on applications   3. double click on iphoto.
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How do you recover iphoto?

iPhoto is an application which is used to store and manage all the photos and their metadata in Mac OSX based Computer systems. It uses iPhoto Library where a copy of every si (MORE)

Does the iPad have iPhoto?

The iPad has an app called 'photos'. This can link closely with iPhoto's albums, faces, places etc, but doesn't have the editing and organising aspects of iPhoto.
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How do you get iphoto?

iPhoto comes with all Mac computers and can be found in the Applications folder. If you want to update to the latest version go to an apple computer shop, and buy the iLife so (MORE)
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How do you unhide photos on iphoto?

To see a hidden picture in iPhoto select Hidden Photos from the View menu. You can then right click on the picture and select Unhide Photo from the menu that appears to preven (MORE)

What is an iphoto book?

An iphoto book is like a scrapbook but you don't actually need anything except for your ipad software. You can show your iphoto book just like a slide show from your device.
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What does the iPhoto application do?

The iPhoto application allows you to easily sort and share the photos on your phone, Facebook, and email. It also allows you to put different filters on your pictures to give (MORE)